I must brag about my sweetheart. Yeah yeah yeah. Roll your eyes. 
I am sick. I have been sick for FIVE days now. Yesterday at work I could barely get up off our break room couch. Lucky for once I didn't have but one appointment. 
   MYYYYYYY fiance, while I went to work, (well hid at work) helped my mom move to a new apartment. MY FIANCE who doesn't know how goofy and funny my mom can be or how bossy either. Who's guy would do that? Yes I know he's madly in love but it took not a millisecond of a thought from him to be free for that day to help. 

 Secretly I'm hiding at work. So I don't have to help this time but a 100 foot couch OVER a two story banister while its lowered to the ground. Took my Uncle Jack until his 60's that he wasn't going to move MY GRANDMOTHER any more, ever, period! She was a gypsy, that pretty lady was. So guess who else is a gypsy. My grandmother's daughter. MY MOM. 

  So Im getting sicker and sicker and sicker. I went to Fiance's house for normal Sunday night hang out with the kids and each other family night. MY YOUNGEST soon to be stepdaughter made me homemade chicken noodle soup. I ate two bowl. This for me is a LOT. I think she put a lot of love into the pot and that's why it was so good. (I LOVE YOU MELISSA!!!!! whenever you do read this, and get a Facebook, maybe by time your 20. 8 years from now!!)!

  Meanwhile the crud I have is getting worse. Middle of summer still and I was bundled in my hoodie, pajamas and a blanket. I wasn't allowed to move. I watched Jimmy look at me with real despair in his pretty blue eyes. He wanted to fix me soooooo bad. Yes, I feel like HOLY HELL, but its a cold, and infection. I'm FINE.

Later on the sweet married couple and 3 year old neighbors came to visit a while. Modern day I Love Lucy it is over there. Doors unlocked. You best neighbors in and out. Happy. 
 Goofy. Funny stories. Good times.

  When my neck couldn't hold my head up any longer Jimmy tucked me in bed. I didn't want the light out. I didn't wanna be sick and alone in a DARK room. No tv or anything. I told him when HE came to bed he could turn the light out as long as he held me. 
  Well he comes to bed, checks on my lovingly. Its been too long without any medicine so he gave me the perfect measured cup of NyQuil. Then he let me sleep on him. 
           This morning I got up for TWO SECONDS for some tea. I come back and there he is, like I've see 20 times now. My pillow. In his clenches, soooooo tight that I have to spend 30 minutes convincing him to let go, and if he would he could hold the real me not my pillow. Besides I can't hold my neck up any more. My head weighs 702 lbs and if full of snot that I'm convinced is my brains leaking. (This TRULY did honestly happen to someone I know. I PROMISE YOU!  Yes. She died) 
 So I fall back asleep next to me sweetie. A little while later I'm woken up to sweet little forehead kisses, because with my ten layers of blankets and pajamas and hoodie I looked like the unibomber. 

  Anyone who knows me knows I take care of EVERYONE. I am the nurturer and caretaker of all living beings. (rotten, adorable kitten here and all)
 But this man had started coffee for me, then poured me a cup with MY amount of cream, and then cooked me breakfast. All still looking at me with the purest love, and this vibe that seeped out of him saying "I'll do anything. I'll take your cold away. I'll take your pain. I'll even give birth to our child in the future so you never are in pain again." 

  I never eat. Seriously. I just don't eat. No I'm not mentally blocked. I just don't eat, especially when I'm sick. But he must have put love into the breakfast like Melissa did the soup pot. I had three eggs, sausage, and four pieces of toast. We all watched a movie. I was with my PRECIOUS, little family. The family that I am MARRYING. Not just the GREAT MAN, but the family. 

  Yes, he gets my family too. He saw my moms true colors during the move yesterday when she said "Jimmy! Look I have a pear tree out my window!! What do you think those green things growing on there are?" Its okay. She's done worse


Plus poor Step-Daughter, only 12 but taller than me, really though the people who played in a movie died, for the sake of a good movie, and left all their riches to their families.


My mother also used to think Forrest Gump was a true story. 



Someone we know has a serious problem. (HE or SHE) takes DATES, as in the month and number, and thinks that holidays occur on THAT DATE EVERY YEAR. This year we're having Thanksgiving on a Monday.  There is no "Veterans, Labor, Memorial Day, Easter etc ALWAYS FALL ON THE SAME DAY OF THE WEEK! 

I'd be rolling my eyes right now but Im currently VERY sick, (did I mention that???) and if I rolled my eyes I'd loose them to this kitten who's taken up residence in my house. HES the one who sneaked in the car and then in my purse and crawled out when I got home. Dixie and my father and I just sighed. Looking for a home for him, but I'm afraid I found one... 


Bottom line through my cold medicine induced story is this. I am marrying the greatest man I've ever know, next to my Daddy. I have many great men in my family, and a couple of fabulous Uncles. I know that I am TRULY loved, by my groom and his kids and his parents, and I will forever give them anything I have to offer. I mean what else would YOU do but offer your entire existence to someone who says you can blow your nose in their t-shirt pocket?

9/16/2012 23:46:37

I enjoy reading your blogs so much keep it up

12/10/2012 10:58:40

Love all your blogs !!!


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