Miranda Lambert has always been an artist I liked. Not crazy infatuated with or anything but we blonde chicks with guns must stick together.
Yes guns.
The story is music artist Chris Brown beat up his girlfriend Rhianna a few years ago. And now the dude has won a grammy that somehow made his head swell. Miranda did exactly what I would do and made a poster for one of her concerts right after the Grammy's saying "Take Notes Chris Brown" and proceeded to sing "Gun Powder and Lead" a song about a woman's man making bail after he "slapped her face and shook her like a rag doll."
  I never knew a celebrity twitter war would make me so mad. The dumb guy and all of his stupid fans just don't get it. If AMERICA had a legal system that considered a restraining order valid, more than a stupid piece of paper, if the cops would come when called, if the police and detective and judges even believed women and understood what we have to defend ourselves from we women wouldn't need to have a gun. 
  But lucky for me, I am a blonde chick like Miranda who had a daddy who taught her how to RESPECT and use a gun. I will never point it at you unless I intend to use it. Im sorry but if you're going to abuse me, or dare to break into my house, you're not leaving my sight until you're bleeding so badly and laying on the ground, and I'm standing over you yelling "YOU'RE RUINING MY CARPET DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  So the stupid people on Twitter who decided to bash ME for bashing Chris Brown can learn better vocabulary words, and leave me alone. I will pray for them that someone never tries to abuse them. I also pray they find a thesaurus with the f bomb, the d and s words, etc or that their brain expands enough. Because while I can say to them "You need to grow up and realize the abuse women go through you piece of coyoote dung on the bottom of my shoe," all they can say is "I hate you I hope you die."  
 Real mature huh? Its people like them, that people like me need a gun to protect myself from. The police don't just magically appear like your fair god-mother. Not that she exists anyways, and if they think so thats a whole other blog. 
  So this is how I got involved in the twitter war, and totally took Miranda Lambert's and women's side. Now I have better things to do, like figuring out how to get my license to carry.

So here's the scoop. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/entertainment/2012/02/chris-brown-and-miranda-lambert-twitter-feud-continues/
Brenda McDonald
2/20/2012 06:24:48 am

I agree with everything you said and Tweeted my support of Miranda. I am not blonde but I too have a gun and will use it if forced to. May even post your blog to my Facebook page as a show of support.

2/20/2012 07:19:19 am

Thank you! I am honored and humbled. I write to humor people but also to maybe make someones day or possibly help their life.... or to get them through something. So someone knows they're not alone. I appreciate your comment soooo very very very much. Thank you for reading doll!

2/20/2012 07:20:06 am

This is a response I received on Facebook...
I am sooooo humbled and honored.

Dene' Jones I just read your blog post. You can NOT imagine how badly I needed to see that today. So badly that I'm typing with actual TEARS in my eyes. Until earlier today, I was in a private, closed group here on FB. Someone posted a Chris Brown video and called him "sexy". I commented that he looked like he was having a seizure and that since he is an abuser I can not and will not support him in any kind of way. For this, it was HEAVILY insinuated that I am a racist. Since I am myself of mixed origin, I find that BEYOND offensive and can hardly believe that so many young women just forget what he did and defend him or call someone racist for not approving of his abuse. I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL TO YOU FOR POSTING THIS TODAY AND I AGREE WITH YOU AND SUPPORT YOU 100% ON THIS. THANK YOU FOR POSTING IT


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