I am going to begin by saying that when I saw this quote I immediately fought off sleep to come and blog about it. I want you to know, that you are great. Yes you. Sitting right there reading this. You're supposed to be reading for a reason.

  You may never know the impact you have on other's lives. You've heard me say this before, that the smallest thing you do, can have a lifelong impact on someone, and you may never know it.  What I'm gently reminding, okay screaming, at you is to act upon those little "sparks" you feel. The sparks that in 1/100th of a second tell you to reach out to a friend or a stranger. Be kind in all that you do, and who cares if anyone notices or not, the happiness that you will emulate will make you shine brighter than any diamond in this world.
  I had a saying for years, when someone would "thank me" for doing "something." I'd reply to their thanks by saying, "Please that was no big deal!" because it wasn't, I do things to be kind and good. I'd follow up by saying, "Besides you'd do the same thing for me wouldn't you?"
  Of course the person would agree, because most likely they would. A couple of days ago, I hit a brick wall. I need to change my thoughts. I will no longer say "Oh please, that was no big deal, besides you'd do the same for me!" My new thoughts? "Oh please, of course! I'm right here for you!" and end it at that. From now on I want my thought process only to be of giving and loving. I don't even want to hint that someone would do the same in return because I have come to the point that I DONT CARE if they would or not. I will happily help someone at work, buy something someone can't afford that they really need, clean up someone else's mess, drive someone somewhere, hold a hand, or listen to someone cry. It doesn't matter if they'd ever do the same for me, which honestly I never truly expected. It was just an answer to dismiss their gratitude and let them know I didn't mind. Why though would I want my words to say anything I don't mean? I don't expect anything in return. Have there not been many times someone has been there for me and I've not gotten to repay them?
  So when you feel a spark, a tiny hint from above that suggests someone needs you, in any way, do not hesitate to check and see if another soul needs you. I was given a thousand thank you's for a simple 3 minute, "no big deal" task I did at work the other day. To me it was the smallest thing I could help someone do, and it made this person be able to take some deeper breaths, and work more efficiently.
  Just remember the great advice that we never know what someone is going through. Be kind. Be loving. If you can't step in and physically do something you can say a prayer, send your own love to surround someone, smile, pat on the back, wink, you get the idea, I hope, then do so.
  Give as if you have everything on earth at your disposal. Give for nothing in return. Again, the glow you will obtain, the magnetism and love from above will be unlike anything you expected. Now again I'm not telling you to be kind just so you can look good either. THATS NOT IT. I'm telling you so that you, yourself, can be so full hearted from love and joy that you may burst! I want you to feel the happiness that occasionally I get lucky enough to feel.
 As a small child, low to the ground myself, I watched a baby drop his toy keys out of his stroller. I was torn between having time to run them to the mother, and run and tell my mother what had happened. I ran to the lady, and handed her the keys. I will never, as long as I live forget the amazingly, loving feeling I received from the universe. Personally I will try even harder to look for these "sparks" so I can do more of God's work.
 Don't forget your big picture either. You have a special path, cut out of the forrest just for you.     Through trees are going to be rays of sunshine, patches of damp darkness, bears, wild flowers, random tourists, and people that move to your patch of earth to stay. Journey on your path daily and nightly, never ceasing to believe in how strong you are. In moments of turmoil, boredom, or sadness, never cease to be unable to fathom what grand things are around the bend. Recognize your path through life may take make many roller coaster loops, but you are always going to be right where you need to be. Just as everyone else is where they need to be, and you were obviously meant to be a part of each other's journey. 
  Learn something from everyone - more than you try and teach, always speak kindly but never preach. Be that person you want in your life, the one you've seen that has that special "spark." 

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