You have wondered it. I have wondered it. I think my dog has wondered it. Why are we here? Here on this very ground that keeps us from falling through to another continent. I could list 100 questions, such as why were placed in the family we're in? Why do we have certain health issues? Why were we born one race and not another? Why don't we have wagging tails to swat innocent people in line at Petco? Why was I not given the super power to read minds like my cat seems to do?
  Pick your question. ANY question. Now think of this... just as refrigerator magnets say, "You are right where you are supposed to be."
  Oh yeah? Well who says? Whomever you want, God, The Universe, the cat whom you are convinced is an alien. I won't hide that I am a Christian, but I do not care what YOU are, as my reader YOU MATTER. 
  Look I just brought up another point. YOU MATTER. You could write a kind blog comment and inspire me, which is how this very post came to life. You can say kind words to someone you work with and it can completely change their outlook. I remember one time when someone told me, "You are going to be doing this job, very well, for a very long time," and I try never to forget that. Today my boss said very kind words to me and kind of put her walls down for a moment to compliment me. I have been on cloud nine for hours now. That then encouraged me to try ten times harder than I already am.
  You were put here maybe to be THE MOTHER to YOUR child, no other child and no other mother. You may be the firefighter that saves a life, and that saved person's 5th great grandchild cures a horrible disease. YOU. JUST. DON'T. KNOW. And you know what? You may never.
  What I can tell you for sure is that when I look back on my life, the good, bad, ugly, and insane it is a beautiful tapestry woven together that has made up my life, and my thumbprint on the world. I wonder what my ancestors would think if they knew what I do for a living is not work to me, that I do work very hard, but it is with my heart. I wonder what my great grandmother would think of my cooking, since everyone says I cook just like her, but I wouldn't know.
If it weren't for you, who would have that sweet dog, cat, bird, or alligator in the bathtub?
  You must know even in mundane times, and those horrible times of conflict, you are learning lessons and you are right where you are meant to be. You are given anything you need to work with, and you *can* say a prayer for help to receive divine intervention. Don't be surprised if you "feel" a prayer goes unanswered. But wait! There is no such thing. Sometimes we just don't get the answer we want. Sometimes no answer is His answer.
  You must also relish in the good times, the laughter, the friends and family. Do not forget basking in the glory of sunshine, or pure wet rain. Listening to just how happy the birds sound, and how beautiful the flowers are. Sappy I know, but speaking of sap where do you think that yummy real maple syrup comes from? 
  Thank heavens for your trials because without them you'd be a sniveling little wench with their nose stuck in the air. Who knows, maybe you do have your nose in the air and you need someone to hit you instead of the pinata at the next hispanic birthday party you attend. Then POOF! There's a lesson for life. Keep your nose out of the air. Keep your eyes and ears open. Remember what you feel is not always what is so. Know that everyone else is On The Edge and is not dwelling on you and your happenings nearly as much as you are, they have their own ordeals. Don't be so conceited that you waste a day and then a nights sleep worried that someone thinks a certain way about you because within no time at all, they've moved on from the thought, so don't spend hours having a pity party.
  Instead lets all focus on the good. From small to large, the things we say and do can impact someone for life. Don't ever forget that, whatever you do. Try every day to go out of your way, to let someone know just how special they are, remember how good it feels when someone does that for you. You may not on this earth know why exactly your here, and if you don't thats a darn good thing. It means you're here for a million reasons.

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