Dixie's Life

I feel I must write about my best friend. Yes she's black with four legs and fur. You see, a few years ago when I lived farther up in the U.S. I had friends set up refugee camp at mi casa from a hurricane Gustav that hit Louisiana. I didn't think my 1800 sq. ft. town home coupld support a large dog, even though I'd always dreamed of a black lab. My friends brought two dogs, one very large and I realized the day they left that I wanted a big dog!
   Now a friend of my mothers had puppies. Black Lab / German Shepherd. I proceeded to go there and all 9 looked the same. One in particular would not leave me alone. She wanted to be cuddled and held. I didn't WANT a girl dog, but finally I looked at her and said "FINE THEN. Lets go to Petco."  
  She rode in the basket and picked out her own items. At 6 months crate training was over and she began sleeping in bed with me and the ex monster. The EX had a habit of staying up late (probably on dating websites) and then coming to bed and waking me up at 3 am to rub Ben-Gay on his back. This particular night was no different until at 5 am I hear Dixie Dog howling from downstairs. I had no idea why she was back in her crate till I let her out. THEN IT ALL CAME BACK TO ME.
  In my sleep I sat up and squirted a GIGANTIC hand full of Ben Gay into my hand. The Now Ex left the room. I remember thinking, "Oh I bet Dixie needs this..." and proceeded to massage it into her. Her hips, her neck, her back etc. Then EX came in shirtless and I put some on him and I passed back out.
  So my cousin who was living with us at the time found me and Dixie in her bathroom in the bath tub and I was laughing SO hysterically I couldn't even get the words out to tell said Cousin what I had done.
    And Dixie still loves me. And there will be plenty more Dixie stories if y'all like em!

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