We all know that now as an adult I am super-ultra-fabulous. Let me clue you in on a tid-bit you may not know. Shhhhh..... I used to be a nerd. Well I was a nerd according to other's terms. I made up "Fabulous Friday" in second grade where the night before I'd sleep in curlers, too tight and curled all the wrong ways to create a hideous style that I carried proudly. I wore nothing but dresses until jr. high, which meant at any given moment in P.E. or outside I'd show my underwear. I met my best friend and soul mate this way. She screamed at me that my underwear were showing as I hung upside down on the monkey bars. I screamed back "SO!?!?!?! They're clothes aren't they?!?!?!!?!" 
  I wore tacky jewlery, sparkly things, purple velvet shoes that I took off during a fire drill so I could stand bare foot in the mud like an idiot. My mother would have murdered me if I ruined my new shoes. Soon as I was allowed I began wearing makeup. Pink blush, blue eyeshadow, red lipstick. Why anyone let me walk around in the ways that I did I will never know. I wanted to be Punky Brewster. I tied colorful socks around my wrists as bracelets, cut my own hair, used a can of Aqua Net a week and this was all before 6th grade even arrived.
  It took reading not only teen magazines but adult ones, like Redbook and Cosmo to learn how to "tastefully" dress myself. Oh did I mention I was fat? Oh yeah. Let me tell ya, I was a looker. But when I hit age 11 I got contacts and slowly began to come around. I actually received compliments on my makeup.  I lost a little weight. I discovered I had a cute butt and I should wear blue jeans.  I became blonde at age 12. That helped my world A LOT. 
  So this is my entry devoted to anyone who is of ANY age and doesn't feel beautiful. Because with some research, magazine reading, tv watching, professional help, a cosmetology license, I beceome super-ultra-fabulous! And You Can Too. If you need help let me know. I probably will not do your hair and give you hair and makeup lessons in person for free, unless you live somewhere super fabulous and fly me out there. But I can give some advice. I now walk around looking ravishingly gorgeous every day. Not a day goes by without some glitter and bling and I still have my "Fabulous Fridays!" 
  And I'll end by saying I do have days of not getting dressed, being seen outside in my pajamas, hair a mess, but I know that I'm capable of taking 30 minutes and turning into glittering ME. Oh and don't forget the biggest part is all about your outlook and your attitude.

1/5/2012 03:26:08 am

I tried to force my staff to do Mandatory Manicure Mondays, because I love manicures and alliteration equally, but they wouldn't go for it. :o(

1/5/2012 08:20:50 am

RIGHT ON Jennie! You should slap them silly!

karla ridgeway
1/9/2012 10:24:55 am

Girl, I love you so!!!! I wish so much I could have known you when we were little cause I know we would have been besties for sure. Plus if I had known you then I could have loved you longer!! Miss you so much!!!


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