2:30 am. I awake after NyQuil induced dreams I'd been having since 8 pm. I'm aware of the fact that I spent yesterday "coming down with the crud." By the middle of the night, the medicine was long gone and I was wide awake. Now an hour later, two icy cold cokes later, I'm really wide awake. Colds and cold medicine give you crazy dreams. My first was being in a pet store, with numerous aquariums, and I think I got stuck in a class of some sort. Pretty headed me had the task of finding a fish of my choice and transplanting it to another tank. I found the prettiest I could, he was flaked in REAL 14k gold, and suddenly I couldn't find a tank for him because there were pirhanas and sharks etc. By the time I got my fish to a safe tank...... he died. I cried. Then tried to figure out how to preserve his 14 karat golden self into a necklace. 
   Next I was in a dermatologist's office. After a screening and facial I was told it would cost $20,000 yes... TWENTY THOUUUUUUSAAAAAAAND dollars to "fix" my face. I know I dont have the perfect complexion *almost but not quite* but I was taken aback at the 20 grand. Until my best friend walked in and the Dr. told her that she needed $60,000 worth of work. We decided we were fine the way we were and to wear more makeup. 
   As a child I remember being sick, staying up late and watching Three's Company. Guess what I'm watching now. Oh and eating some cheese. Which is GREAT for producing more mucus. I feel like a body can only produce so much, so if if I want to drink sugary drinks and eat cheese so be it. At least I didnt really kill a fish but I maybe could use $20,000 in skin care.

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