I had to title this SOMETHING interesting or else you woudln't be reading it.  And I felt run over by a truck after seeing what I saw. 

No I don't believe in "New Year's Resolutions" because if I want to change something about myself I should do it RIGHT THEN! However, NYR's (that's going to be my easy abbreviation) do make a lot of press headlines, and give me a wakeup call every year. So below I will write up some things I wish to do, or not do from now on. Feel free to comment and add your own. Maybe check this note often and see if I'm behaving. I assure you, when I slip up I'll come right back here and tell y'all.

I will not use https://twitter.com/#!/Reneezelle to "tweet" famous people things that I do not like about them. Like this chick Julia Samersova who is on a show called "Scouted."  The randomly choose teenage girls in small towns to become NYC models. They make them gorgeous and feel good about themself and then pick apart any quality that may not be perfect modeling code. I cried when they told the pretty red headed curly hair girl she had ugly hair. So Julia Samersova had some good advice for her. "If you want to make a million dollars you have to look like a million dollars." Well Julia Samersova looks like a pretty young version of Cruella DeVille. I screamed at the tv, "OPEN YOUR EYES CHICK AND YOU WONT HAVE TO KEEP LIFTING YOUR CHIN UP TO SEE PEOPLE! YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ARE ON DRUGS OR HAVE A MAJOR SLIPPED DISK IN YOUR NECK AND SOMEONE SUPER GLUED YOUR FALSE EYELASHES ON TO YOUR CORNEA'S!!!!!!"

See?!!!?!?!!?!!!     I even googled it and there's many things about her. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111226200423AArELtD

*SO I WILL NOT USE TWITTER TO BE MEAN TO CELEBRITIES. Past that I'd never be mean to someone I know personally.

*I will eat less butter. I will realize that I dont need to make rice, and add so much butter it turns into soup. Oh and then add Tony Cachere's. That is so bad. Butter and Salt. So bad. So good.......

*I will stick up for Kim Kardashian. I don't care who you are reading this. I like the Kardashian's. I am not sorry.

More to come later. Just had to really get that Cruella Deville thing off my chest and since Im not tweeting people about their issues, I thought it was only fair to put it on Facebook.  ***** Now keep in mind this is a GOOD picture, not her in moving action.*****  

 AND FOR THE RECORD I AM NOT MEAN, *this* Julia chick is mean. She deserves what I have to say because she can fix the way she looks and she is so mean to young teenage girls, and this is what ruins our girls these days!!!!

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