I've always been the "count your blessings kind of girl. Trust me I still am. From big things to small , I count my blessing's. Right now I'm glad I have a warm heating pad and that I turned my heavy flannel shit - snuggie style - on my upper torso while my lap stays warm from the laptop and the blankets.
  A wise man told me that you can run from your problems but you can't hide. This is true. However I took a 300lb problem and shed that weight and he IS taking care of my second dog I got two years ago and she's with a new family who loves her, so there's a good thing to think of.
  So dear wise man, some of my problems did follow me and some I left long behind. I won't get into all of them, but when I look back at every single thing I have over come since I was 18 years old I can't do anything but pat myself on the back and be proud.
  There was the time I needed to hurry to a dance for senior year and I wore a strapless dress and I used acrylic nail glue to use 50 coats of adhesive to make my unmentionables "stay." The PAIN from taking them off was horrendous but luck for me I was in cosmetology and had legal strength acetone to remove the glue, with five layers of my skin. I lived though. 
  Every other day holds challenges. I wont touch on challenges of my career, except if 50 year old people are having a hard time finding work, why am I at 31 struggling so? 
  Your dog gets kennel cough, bills come up unexpectedly, you get sick and you're down for a week and when you do go back to work you can barely lift a finger. Thank the sweet lord for coffee and not allowing it ever to be illegal, even though its the worlds most widely used drug.
  People at banks can't help you. You work soooooooo hard to make a life for yourself and you have everything you need but love, and then spend that hard earned money taking care of everyone else because frankly, you're a good person, and well, you just want to be loved back.
  You wake up one day and see that none of that hard work matters. The home, the car, the savings etc. You put your clothes, your kitchenaid mixer, and your dog in the car and you drive away. YES you ARE loved, by your family, best friends, and above all God. 
  Then there's the fake people. The ones who use you, lie to you, cheat you out of things, and make false promises. This is when you do not get revenge, but you let them know back that you still love them. Maybe you won't let them back into your world, but you don't hate them and you forgive them. Hatred in our hearts only causes us pain. The other person can't feel it every day when a song comes on the radio or you get that letter in the mail that reminds you of them.
 Then you do stupid things like I did today. Pay for your groceries and get so excited about your Dr. Pepper, you walk away and leave all your groceries behind, with ten voice's yelling "Ma'am! Ma'am!" Upon asking "Do you need help?" as in with the groceries to the car, you SNAP and say "Not the kind of help YOU can give me!!!!"
   I supposed my point is every day, someone puts their dog to sleep peacefully. Someone has not many friends show up for a party. Someone's kid spill something in the car, afterward having a screaming match with their siblings.
  I think as human's we can all just get exhausted. This is how I got my name. Chick On the Edge. 
  Yet I must remind myself of the past things I've overcome that I can't even list to tell you now. Things we "think" we need, we don't. Look around your home at the piles of stuff you're not even using. If its not a book or a blanket its probably not a must have. 
  Just by all means, never, ever, ever, EVER let someone else ruin your outlook and feelings. If someone feels a certain way or not a certain way then FORGET THEM!! There are people out there who are genuine and you don't need the ones who are dirt bags.
  When I say I got my name, its most likely from too much coffee and the jitters and people I only encounter for a little while. Ultimately YOU choose, yes YOU, who you want to be in your life and who you don't. If you don't like a situation, change it as best as you can. There's always the same moon and stars hanging above us as we sleep each night, to sparkle, just like they have for centuries. No one comes unscathed and what we all deal with *does* make us who we are. Even if we wear pajamas and fuzzy slippers to Wal Mart at 10 pm or forget our groceries as we walk out of the store. Lean on the ones that love you, you know who they are, and if you have to question their love, move-the-heck-on. Hug your fur-babies, they ALWAYS love you unconditionally, especially when you feed 'em, and they don't talk back or tell you that you cant have the $72,000 red Corvette because you don't have a job.
   If you need a mental break, take one. Or you will break down, remember this too. Oh and don't forget there's nothing wrong with going to sleep at 7pm to awake to a night full of Nick At Nite and frozen pizza.

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