I have been without my laptop for a month now. It is now home, back on my lap! It's been so thought-killing to me to blog from my iphone, and my brain works faster than a pen and paper can go. There's a dreadful PC in my house, but I'm die hard APPLE forever baby! I just cannot, will not, do anything productive without a MAC!            

  This brings me to my point. Challenges. Roadblocks. Setbacks. PROBLEMS.  

 Oh yeah. Problems. Raise your hand if you've never had any. I see no hands raised. Just the opposite. I think you all just sat on your hands. In fact you don't have enough fingers (or toes) to count the problems you've faced. 

  Someone asked me to blog about something real. Raw and true. So here we are. Here's me, there's you. We're having a conversation. So here's the deal. Chick is not here to blow glitter up your butt. Sure I'm happy the majority of time. Sometimes I am SO sickening elated that people around me randomly vomit. True fact. 

  "Oh my GAWSH Chick!! You ooze glitter. Your smile is brighter than the sun. I was going to go home and lock myself in my closet with my old baby blanket, but YOU RUINED IT!!!! You made me happy!!!!" then you hear, "baaaarrrrffffffff".

  But come on. What week, month, day, doesn't throw curve balls at us? I want you to remember a phrase that I've never forgotten. I heard it from a teacher one day in high school. Which I rarely went to school, but thats another blog. (yet I passed with flying colors) (I know, I know, you wish you would have known me when you were in school so I could have given you lessons on how to never go to school and makes all A's)  Oh yes, the phrase……

"Whatever emotion you are currently feeling will NOT last forever." 



So right now you're worried sick. You can't eat, you pray you could sleep for days but you can't. You're in pure agony over the fact that "someone" might call. That your doorbell may ring at 11 pm and your car is hooked to a tow truck because you DO have to EAT and its illegal to live in a home with no electricity. But Holy Hell they may come take your car, and how the $%#@ do they expect you to get to work to pay for anything?! The mailman comes. The sheriff finds you with those stomach lurching, awful papers. Your poor baby is so sick and you don't know how to make your child better, because you can't. You pray that your ailing parent will get better, by some sliver of a miracle. Right when you've finished raising kids you have grand child to raise because you feel like you failed somehow and your own kid can't be a parent. You wait for test results, because what if you're sick and you can't do anything about it? The laundry is piled to the ceiling. You dread your spouse to come home from work because you know the hours of fighting that will ensue. Your precious dog, best friend with a tail, is getting old and you don't know how much time you have left together. You're out of medication your BRAIN is addicted to and the Dr. won't refill it because technically you're an addict, even though its the Dr. who let you get addicted in the first place. You have to host a party and if you don't get the house clean, have everything bought and finished within the three minutes of spare time you have between now and the party you may go mad. 

People are sucking the life out of you, so much so WHO ARE YOU ANYWAYS?????? DO YOU EVEN KNOW ANY MORE ?????


Let's try admitting you're not a super hero. Pick you problem. Any one of them. Find one thing you can do right now. Do it. Makes lists if you have to. Write down what you can do about it. Please don't worry about what you WANT to happen. Because there's a WHOLE GRAND PLAN baby-o. I promise. 

So let's not ignore our problems. Let's approach them and do what we can. Then the remaining problem, take out your pocket ziplock baggie of glitter and just DUMP THAT STUFF ALL OVER EVERYTHING.  (I'm going to laugh when you get searched by the cops one day and instead of white powder in a baggie you have glitter)  (in fact Im going to laugh SOOOOO hard, and being that I have a huge bladder, I may create a flood) 

Now. Stop thinking about the problems. Do what you can, when you can, and LET IT GO. Being happy, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, doing anything you can to help someone else be happy, which may solve part of their problem, is what matters. IF YOU CANT FREAKIN' FIX IT, STOP FREAKIN' WORRYING ABOUT IT!  Personally I like to give it to God. 

  "Yo' God. Hey Dude. Its Chick. Look you said to give you my problems so HERE YA GO!!!!! Take it! FIX IT! Please make me stop worrying about it and just show me what I can do for someone else's well being." 

   Or write it down. Then shred it up. Throw it in the toilet. Take a dump.  (doesn't that sound like a good way to shit on someone's head without getting in trouble!!!)

 Read. Pray. Laugh. Watch funny YouTube videos. Heck I'll tell you my YouTube channel if you want to see some really stupid stuff I've done. What 31 year old rides an electronic pony, outside of a place called the Bean Pot? Uhhhh yeah. Chick. 

 Guess what else you can do? Write someone. Heck, write me, I don't think anyone listens to me anyways, so maybe I'd be kind of flattered. Tell me anything you want. I don't know your family, I aint gonna say nuthin'. 

Bottom line. 

 ITS NOT GOING TO LAST FOREVER. Can't control it? Crap on it. Look back and clearly realize how you've ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS been A-OKAY. Keep the pocket glitter on you. Feel sad? Look at it and go sprinkle some in someones hair. This usually cures sadness and boredom. As far as I know its not illegal. Pick up your chin, shoulders, open your worried eyes and see there's a big world out there. You are soooooooo NOT the only one within ten feet that isn't having problems. GET OVER YOURSELF. Like you're that important in the realm of "problem-land." 

 Get it out, Get it over with, Get on with it, and GLITTER IT. 

Dene` Jones
8/30/2012 02:27:58 am

Were we separated at birth?? Do you secretly blog about me?? lol I swear sometimes you are a mind reader. I don't know where I learned it from, but I know that at a fairly early age, I learned for sure that what ever "it" is, "it" won't last forever. It will change. I will move on from whatever in the hell "it" is. It has carried me through life during some AWFUL times. And it has helped me soak up and appreciate things during some GREAT times. Did I mention that I just happen to be a grandmother raising a grandchild? And did I also mention how glad and grateful I am that you exist? and that you blog so the rest of us know we are NOT ALONE?!! Someday maybe you and I will bump into each other in real life, Chick. If that ever happens, I believe we would recognize each other instantly. I think I would recognize your beautiful courageous heart anywhere, and NOT just from all the glitter ;~)))

8/30/2012 04:27:43 am

I am speechless. If I can be like that for one person, (i.e. You) I have done something worthwhile. I just write. Luckily I have lived SOOOO much LIFE in 31 years and I encounter so many people on a day to day basis, that I have seen and heard enough for ten people.
I'm honored by your words, and I hope that I keep helping everyone out. Be it someone else who understands, or making someone laugh until they per in their pants.
;) Chick

susan kimberly
8/30/2012 07:08:07 pm

so cool that your teacher's wise words stayed with you. glitter! (said in a 'holla' voice.)


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