Anyone who knows me knows I love to find funny pictures and put them on my Facebook page. I've come across hundreds that deal with the subject of "karma."

   Now while "My Name Is Earl" is one of my favorite shows ever, I have to talk about this whole karma thing. It started as part of a religion (not mine) and has evolved into this delicious mental thought of "You were a meanie head to me and karma is going to find you and do something ten times worse and I'm going to get to sit back and laugh!"

  I have to say I skip all the karma-drama. If you want to know what I think, its that good and bad things happen to all of us. So yes, if I park too close to a car and they can't get in, but I was oblivious, chances are its going to happen to me at some point. I'm just a lot meaner and leave notes on people's windshields saying "Didn't your momma teach you any manner you no good piece of $%^#??!!"

  No matter how mad you've made me, how much you hurt me, how stupid you were to my family or friends, how badly you ruined my years, I DO NOT WISH FOR KARMA TO COME BITE YOU. That's just me. Chances are you're going to have really mean and stupid crap happen to you, just like you made it happen to me, and I don't want to be the one who stoops to that level and condones "the universe" to come dump bird poop in your eye.

  Plus as TOTALLY catty as I can be, I can get over however you treated me, because I realize what you've done to me is YOUR problem not mine. You're the insecure one, or the one who talks behind my back because you're not big enough to find out who I really am. If you're downright stupid, chances are something stupid has happened to you many times to make you that way. In the future stupid things will probably keep happening to you, and you know what? Stupid things are going to keep happening to me.

  So cheat on me, lie to me, cuss me out, steal from me, etc but I'm not stooping to the level of stating "I hope karma comes and beats your over the head." Because bad luck WILL happen to you, just like no matter how good I *try* to be bad luck is going to happen to me.

  So if and when I say something catty, or truthful that comes across as rude, I simply mean it, and its something you should know. If I don't like you for some reason I have the guts to explain why if you so wish to know. I'm not going to sit back and pray to some non existent karma spirit to come bonk you on the head. I'm way bigger than that, plus I wouldn't wish bad things on my worst enemy.