So you've all wondered and asked what it is that this "CHICK" does all day. Yes I post funny and inspirational pictures all over facebook. Yes I post funny things on other people's blogs, vlogs, facebooks and argue with people I don't know on Twitter. Alas! I do have a real life going on, I'm just super great at social media, multi-tasking.
  I have another name I go by when I'm doing my daily thing. Oh, what's my daily thing? I am a hair stylist and makeup artist. I make people even more beautiful, or handsome than they already are. I have another name I go by, which is my middle name, because a long time ago I started at a salon and someone had my first name. It was the perfect opportunity to go by my middle name, which believe it or not, is NOT "Chick." HA HA HA
  My other name puts me into career mode. Its my second out of four personalities. Now I shall explain why I LOVE what I do and why I have never worked a day in my liife.
  It started by cutting my kindergarten friends bangs when they were in their eyes. I never got in trouble so I must have done a good job. I was lucky enough to take cosmetology in high school so I was two years ahead of everyone. I never had to wonder what I wanted to be when I grew up. I innately KNEW.
  I greet someone. I bring them to my chair and let them know that the 10 ft square space around us is "ours" and I am there to please them. I take the time to analyze what they say they need and want, and then give them professional advice. I then begin my magic. 
  I THRIVE on when people look at themselves and feel great. I love to put the focus on the person who is my walking work of art. When I'm finished, and they absolutely GLOW with happiness, my whole world is brightened. 
  During the service though, I am what I like to think as a good conversationist. I get people to open up to me, tell me their life story, favorite recipes, rants about their life and hair. I become a life coach along with their stylist. The bonding between a guest of mine and me as their stylist is unlike anything in this world. 
  I have so, very many clients I miss from my previous life and state of residence. I realize all the people I didn't get to hug goodbye and I had thought I'd never had the kind of client bonding like I did there. But as I miss someone, and wish I could have said goodbye, I meet someone great. A teenager getting an awesome, super cool hair style that makes her look grown up. A rocket scientist (LITERALLY I WORK BY NASA) a stay at home mom who needs to talk to an adult not children. I get to see some of my best friends EVER and do their hair. So as much as I miss some folks, I have so many new people that are being brought into my life.
  Amongst the bonding, the chatting, I am educating people on their hair and their hair care or their makeup. Why wouldn't I LOVE to talk about the thing I love most in this world, (besides writing) ? I give people tips and quips that they never knew. Another stylist never took the time to let them in on the secrets.
 Not to mention how often does that single lady get her head massaged? How often does the teen feel so good about themselves, because they are just stuck and trying to grow up and figure out who they are? How often does the 70 year old man have someone trim his eyebrows and ear hair, because his wife passes away and is no longer there to do it.
 I could write forever about why I love these things I do all day. I am the luckiest career chick in the world.
We all know that now as an adult I am super-ultra-fabulous. Let me clue you in on a tid-bit you may not know. Shhhhh..... I used to be a nerd. Well I was a nerd according to other's terms. I made up "Fabulous Friday" in second grade where the night before I'd sleep in curlers, too tight and curled all the wrong ways to create a hideous style that I carried proudly. I wore nothing but dresses until jr. high, which meant at any given moment in P.E. or outside I'd show my underwear. I met my best friend and soul mate this way. She screamed at me that my underwear were showing as I hung upside down on the monkey bars. I screamed back "SO!?!?!?! They're clothes aren't they?!?!?!!?!" 
  I wore tacky jewlery, sparkly things, purple velvet shoes that I took off during a fire drill so I could stand bare foot in the mud like an idiot. My mother would have murdered me if I ruined my new shoes. Soon as I was allowed I began wearing makeup. Pink blush, blue eyeshadow, red lipstick. Why anyone let me walk around in the ways that I did I will never know. I wanted to be Punky Brewster. I tied colorful socks around my wrists as bracelets, cut my own hair, used a can of Aqua Net a week and this was all before 6th grade even arrived.
  It took reading not only teen magazines but adult ones, like Redbook and Cosmo to learn how to "tastefully" dress myself. Oh did I mention I was fat? Oh yeah. Let me tell ya, I was a looker. But when I hit age 11 I got contacts and slowly began to come around. I actually received compliments on my makeup.  I lost a little weight. I discovered I had a cute butt and I should wear blue jeans.  I became blonde at age 12. That helped my world A LOT. 
  So this is my entry devoted to anyone who is of ANY age and doesn't feel beautiful. Because with some research, magazine reading, tv watching, professional help, a cosmetology license, I beceome super-ultra-fabulous! And You Can Too. If you need help let me know. I probably will not do your hair and give you hair and makeup lessons in person for free, unless you live somewhere super fabulous and fly me out there. But I can give some advice. I now walk around looking ravishingly gorgeous every day. Not a day goes by without some glitter and bling and I still have my "Fabulous Fridays!" 
  And I'll end by saying I do have days of not getting dressed, being seen outside in my pajamas, hair a mess, but I know that I'm capable of taking 30 minutes and turning into glittering ME. Oh and don't forget the biggest part is all about your outlook and your attitude.